iPad Pilot

Four teachers who volunteered to pilot the use of one-to-one iPads in the classrooms will participate in professional development beyond the summer and "Tech Tuesdays" training sessions. The LMS will meet with the four teachers minimally every two weeks on a specified, uniform day the teachers choose. During the sessions, lesson planning will occur. To begin, lessons the teachers presently use will be revised to integrate strategic, purposeful use of the iPads in the curricula. Further into the pilot, or as appropriate, the LMS and teachers will collaboratively create brand new lesson plans to pilot and thereafter revise as necessary. Teachers will determine what curricular area will be studied with integrated use of the iPads, after which time plans for specified iPad functions or apps will be developed. To assist teachers in implementation of at least 3 extended lesson plans, the LMS and teachers will participate in scaffolded, mutually agreed-upon coaching cycles based on gradual release of responsibility. Coaching and learning logs will be used to record coaching discussion points, classroom observations, teacher talk, student talk, and coaching suggestions, next steps, etc. Participating teachers will willingly allow video taping of mutually-agreed-upon lesson plan implementation, as well, to be used for reflective practice and other educational purposes.

As teachers and coaches collaboratively plan lessons and units, the following lesson plan form may be used, but it is not mandatory. Other suggested forms are welcome. Please post suggestions on this page's Discussion board.

The following year--or sooner if ready, willing, and able--the four teachers presently participating in the iPad pilots will serve as formal mentors and professional development facilitators to encourage additional staff participation and to allow for additional professional development offerings.

Pilot participants, as you reflect on the integration of iPads into your daily curricula, please post valuable insights, questions, comments, and/or suggestions in the Discussion area of this page. Your comments may help and encourage future iPad integrators.