Meet Your iPads!

The information included here provides insight into what was/will be shared during the large group "Introduction to Circulating the iPads" professional development session. Browse the information, and if you have questions, please post to the discussion tab, or contact your friendly LMS.

AppStart for iPad is a great place to start learning about your new iPad 2. It gives users a basic overview of the iPad 2 and its apps. Click on the following app to enter the introduction.


Circulating the iPads

Teachers will receive their iPads at a day training in June. The day training will actually be broken into two half-day trainings. The teachers will learn about the basics of the iPad the first day and then return a few days later, after they have had a few days to use the iPad, to discuss functions and apps that can be used to improve classroom learning. Teachers who attend the two day trainings will be allowed to take the iPads home for the summer. They will be encouraged to use the iPads with their own children and explore them all summer long. After the summer, teachers will return the devices to school for use in the classrooms, and they will still be allowed to use them for their own e-mail, apps, music, etc.

1st Day Training

Teachers will be required to remove the iPads from the boxes. After setting up iTunes accounts and syncing the devices for the first time, the 30 teachers will be broken into small groups. At least one of the users per group will be someone who has at least touched an iProduct before. Teachers will be presented with a "Mini Challenge" to experience touching the products and to see what they can do with the devices. Here are the questions on the "Mini Challenge":

  • What is the lead story in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel today?

  • Take a photo that reminds you of something you would see at airport security.

  • Record a 30-second conversation that documents your group's favorite summertime activities.

  • Search YouTube for "Thinkering Studio"

  • Create a note that has my contact information so you can get contact me this summer. Create a second note that contains your shopping list.

  • Add a reminder for today's lunch at El Mez.

  • Take 5 photos, and use them to create a slideshow. (Idea courtesy of

After the group has explored solutions for each of the questions posed in the "Mini Challenge", teachers will reconvene in a large group to walk through how to complete each of the above challenges on the iPads. After this activity, the 30 teachers will view the PowerPoint as an introduction to the iPads. As each slide is introduced, the teachers will explore their own iPads to ensure comfort with all of the buttons and basic apps on the devices.

Participants will take their iPads home so they have time to further familiarize themselves and explore the iPad's functions, apps, and capabilities. During this exploration, users should post questions on the "Meet Your iPads!" Discussion board. Doing so will help facilitators prepare for the opening of the 2nd Day Training session.

2nd Day Training

If needed, the first 10-15 minutes of this session will be devoted to answering questions that have arisen since the first training session. After the initial question and answer session, staff will explore how using the Ipad can improve classroom teaching. The LMS will share various apps that focus on education and productivity. With each app that is introduced, the staff will discuss ways to use it in the classroom and why it may improve learning. Afterwards, participants will gather in small groups to explore the apps introduced in the previous session as well as to discover new apps and iPad functions. Prior to the session's end, participants will reconvene as a whole group to share findings and to receive instructions and suggestions for using the iPads during summer vacation. Participants will be encouraged to use the WIKI to post questions, comments, and suggestions as they explore and discover the power of the iPads. Especially during the summer, meeting with peers to explore and share apps, websites, and iPad capabilities will support iPad users' new endeavors. Before leaving the summer training sessions, participants will choose a few people with whom they can regularly communicate to lend mutual support.